Grouping Course No/Level Course/Subject
General Studies Courses GSP 101GSP 201

GSP 105

GSP 106

GSP 202

The Use of English IThe Social Sciences

Natural Sciences I

Natural Sciences II

Issues in Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies


Courses (i) Ed.



ED 102ED 211

ED 201

ED 205

ED 221

ED 222

ED 224

ED 311

ED 325

ED 321

ED 341

ED 411

ED 433

ED 425

ED 441

ED 451

History of EducationEducational Psychology I

Philosophy of Education

Sociology of Education

Curriculum Theory and Planning

Special Methods

Educational Technology

Educational Psychology II

Teaching Practice I

Curriculum Implementation & Instruction

Research Method & Statistics

Educational Psychology III

Classroom Organization and Management

Teaching Practice II

Measurement and Evaluation


(ii) Fine & Applied Arts, Music, Theatre Arts EDA 101EDA 103

TFS 101

MUS 141

ELS 131

MUS 161

ELS 121

EDA 104

EDA 146

TFS 102

TFS 130

MUS 164

EDA 211

EDA 231

TFS 221

TFS 231

FAA 201

FAA 231

MUS 243

MUS 261

EDA 232

EDA 242

EDA 272

TFS 250

TFS 260

FAA 202

MUS 264

EDA 341

EDA 361

TFS 341

FAA 301

MUS 323

TFS 301

MUS 361

EDA 332

EDA 342

EDA 372

TFS 304


MUS 324

EDA 364

EDA 447

EDA 441

TFS 411

FAA 401

MUS 461

EDA 424

EDA 442

EDA 452

EDA 490

THA 412

FAA 402

MUS 464

Introduction to Creative Arts EducationIntroduction to Creative Designs I

Introduction to Drama and Theatre

African Music and Society I

Introduction to Oral Literature

Primary Instrument Study I

Basic English Grammar and Composition

Introduction to Creative Designs II

Three Dimensional Designs in Education

Practice Participation Orientation

Basic Acting Skills

Performance Workshop II

Festivals in Different Cultures

Music in Ceremonies

Basic Costume & Make-up Design

Basic-Verbal Communication

Still-Life Drawing

Painting Composition

African Music and Society II

Primary Instrument Study II

Composition of Choreographic Dances and Occupational Rhythms

Three Dimensional Representations of Historical Objects

Local Resources in Craft Production

Fundamentals of Playwriting

Children’s Theatre Education

Figure Drawing

Performance Workshop IV

Nigerian Folk Arts and Crafts

Dramatic Representations in Festival Events

Introduction to Directing

Draughtsmanship I


Modern African Drama and Theatre

Primary Instrument Study III

Music in Occupations

Nigerian Indigenous Arts

Crafts and Entrepreneurship

Basic Choreography and Kinaesthetic

Draughtsmanship II

Conductions and Performance Management

Performance Workshop VI

Moral Education

Nigerian Masks

Theories of Dramatic Criticism

Advanced Drawing I

Primary Instrument Study IV

Theories of Language Teaching

Nigerian Museums

Teaching Children’s Literature


Studies in Dramatic Literature

Advanced Drawing II

Performance WorkshopVIII